Network Analysis



Advantages of Network Analysis

  • Facilitating management and individuals in the tasks and process of project planning, implementation and controlling.
  • Resolving management related issues and problems on a project, when the project appears to be in complexity and large in scale, consists of many constraints and needs to be completed in a specific time frame.
  • Contributing effectively to an organization in the processes of planning, designing, implementing and completing projects in accordance with the resources available and with their respective costs.
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Network analysis is one of the important quantitative techniques in the process of effective management decision-making process. This is a management technique utilized not only in management science, but also in other business related operations such as project management, operations management, systems development, software engineering, research and development, etc.

The application and contribution of network analysis are very much significant and ever useable anywhere and anytime. This is one of the techniques that should be well learnt by managers and decision-makers in an organization. The network analysis significantly contributes to any sector based on its requirement in order to have an implementation plan and its utilization of limited resources towards achieving its objectives, effectively and efficiently. It helps an organization mainly to facilitate in designing, activating and implementing a project within a time span.