Cattle breeding and their origin in Nigeria



Beef is estimated to supply about 45 percent of total meat consumed in Nigeria, while the next in rank is sheep and goat meat with 35 percent. Nigeria’s national cattle herd contains an estimated 9.2 million herds of cattle in 1981. Over 90 percent of these are in the hands of traditional producers and in the Northern parts of the country (Ken, 1982). The growth rate in the national herd is estimated at 1.5 percent annually. It is interesting to note that, although developing countries contain about two-thirds of the World Cattle Population, about two-thirds of total beef production is accounted for by developed countries (Rimi, 1982). Whatever their level of production, livestock in developing countries provide millions of families with better nutrition, family income and employment opportunities, draft power and a more balanced agriculture. The objective of the study is to have a critical review on beef cattle and their origins in Nigeria